Analytics Engineer

Housing is among our best tools to increase wealth and wellbeing. At Home, we are working to make it available to everyone. Our analytics engineer helps us build the right KPIs to get there.

You will:

  • Maintain and build new pipelines within our existing data infrastructure: Airflow, Fivetran, Snowflake, dbt, Metabase

  • Build dashboards to improve visibility across every department in the company: Operations, Finance, Support

  • Help us understand the (in)efficiency of every funnel within the business, from apartment Signing to Onboarding to Booking to Retention

  • You'll be a one-(wo)man data team who can own projects from start to finish

Your past work shows:

  • You have extensive experience with SQL (4+ years) and take optimization seriously

  • You're a dbt power user (1-2+ years) and have managed complex models and their dependencies

  • Experience with a programming language in a production environment is preferred (we use python to manage Airflow)

  • You have plenty of experience translating business requests into highly impactful analyses/dashboards

Your work to increase:

  • Weekly active users of our KPIs

PS: Here's more on working at Home and our hiring process.