Rent your apartment directly to Home and save yourself viewings, unreliable tenants and rent loss.

Renting to Home

  • 1 visit

  • 0 days vacant

  • Rented in 3 days

  • Guaranteed rent

  • Ideal tenants

  • Always pays on time

  • Fair market rent

  • 1 visit

Renting by yourself

  • 14 visits

  • 27 days vacant

  • Rented in 41 days

  • Risk of rental loss

  • Bad luck with tenants

  • Every 4th payment is late

  • Arbitrary pricing

  • 14 visits

Rent your apartment to Home.

  • And let Home guarantee the rent.

  • And let Home organize viewings.

  • And let Home take the risk.

  • And let Home get calls from tenants.

  • And let Home determine the fairest rent price.

  • And let Home coordinate repairs.

Ideal tenants.

Guaranteed rent.

Home uses tenancy verification algorithms in a rigorous screening process to find the most fitting tenants for your apartment. This is how Home can guarantee your rent.

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The Home standard.

Home equips all apartments with a comprehensive service package for every tenant to feel immediately at home. This is how Home can attract the most suitable tenants for your apartment.

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Wi-Fi included
Digital locks
Tenant app
24/ 7 support
Utility costs included
Electricity costs included
Unlimited contract

The Home visit.

Your last visit.

During a free Home visit, a Home expert checks 120 evaluation factors in order to personalize your offer and rental contract on-site. Once you are ready to sign, Home is ready too.

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Alexander Murawski   Lawyer and specialist in housing law


The Home rental contract is compliant with the standards of German landlord associations.

The Home contract.

The Home rental agreement is based on up to date, secure and standardized German landlord contracts.

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Made transparent.

The Home offer is based on an evaluation bringing together the specific properties of the apartment and refined by comparative evaluations of more than 4 million rental transactions and calculations from the data models of Home's machine learning experts.

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Berlin Mitte 15.45 47
+ rented today 17.33 76
- rented 4 years ago red
- rented 2 years ago red
+ balcony to the south 18.75 88
+ roof terrace green
- first floor red
+ quiet street 19.45 97
- next to fire brigade red
+ quiet street green
Mulackstr.13 14,50€ / QM
Mulackstr.18 17,50€ / QM
Market price
  • Comparable apartments
  • Time
  • Quality
  • Location


Through experience.

Home works with a group of real estate companies and investors to make renting as simple as possible. Among others Home is financed by the private equity group EQT, which has over 50 billion Euros under management.

Starke Partner

Hjalmar Winbladh

Executive Committee, EQT

Board Member, Home

Simon Home-Vermieter in Berlin

Renting. Without work and with ideal tenants.

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Better housing.

About Home.

Renting comes with challenges for both landlords and tenants. Home has the vision to make housing as simple as possible.

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From anywhere.

To make renting easier for all owners, Home has developed an app that allows you to manage your apartments.


250+ reviews


250+ reviews

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