Better housing,

A better way to own

Owning homes is a proven way to build wealth, but it is expensive, risky & intransparent. To do it well, people have to become experts in many things – from what to buy to how to rent out. As a result, it is often experts who end up owning.

It should not be this way. Home empowers everyone to own, starting with a dramatically better way to rent out an apartment.

With Home, landlords sign a contract in minutes and from then on simply collect their rent.

Every day Home is working to reduce complexity until owning truly is as simple as a click and accessible to all. When nobodoy needs to be an expert anymore, wealth will ultimately be shared more broadly.

Jana & Frank, Jana & Frank in their apartment.
Jana & Frank, Jana & Frank in their apartment.

A place to call home

People long for a place where they can belong, but that place is often hard to find. And when they finally do there’s an army of problems just waiting to happen.

It does not have to be this way. With Home, residents simply use an app to visit, book and move in – with all basic needs set up the minute they step into their new home.

And yet, moving in is only where it starts – with Home they finally have someone that truly cares.

Every day, Home works on making housing better until everyone finds a place they can call home.

Maria, Carla, Thea & Peter, in their Home apartment.
Maria, Carla, Thea & Peter, in their Home apartment.

Making housing work

Housing is among the more complex problems our cities face and housing needs both – those who own it and those who live in it. That said, the two group’s interests are not always aligned.

We exist to bring them together: Home can be the ideal partner to landlords while being the ideal partner to tenants.

In doing so, we empower more people to own and more people to find a home they love.

Creating better housing requires cities, tenants, landlords and us to work together. When we do, we solve the problems our cities face.

The people behind Home

Home’s team is made up of people who deeply care about improving the housing experience for both landlords and tenants.

Home team, Berlin
Home team, Berlin