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Join us in making housing better for everyone – apartment by apartment.

Welcome home

Work in an international team and make Mulackstrasse 19 your second home. Let your friends pick you up in the evening to drink a beer together on the rooftop terrace.

Better housing

for everyone

Good housing is happiness. But often housing is associated with challenges – for landlords and tenants. The goal of Home is to make living as easy as possible. For landlords this means more security, a trustworthy partner and more time for the important things. Home rents apartments and guarantees rental income. For tenants this means housing that is comfortable and inspiring.

Our team

& how we work

Our team consists of designers, developers and architects. People who do their best every day without forgetting to smile.


Everyone at Home is an expert in their field and shares their knowledge with the entire team.


When we win, we all win. Everyone owns a stake in Home.


We know what better housing looks like because our office is like a second home.


We know how important it is to plan ahead. That's why we also set the right goals to help us grow in a fast paced environment.

Core Values


We do more than anyone thinks possible with less than anyone thinks possible. When others see complexity, we look for the simplest truth.


If we do something, we do it well. And to do so we need to say No to a thousand things for every one thing we do. We aspire to be the best at what we do and inspire our peers to follow our lead both at Home and externally.


We set realistic goals knowing our strengths and weaknesses and we strive to keep them as the company and our team depends on us doing just that.


We communicate pro-actively and stay engaged. We make sure everyone understands why something is being done.


We take feedback well. Because people who take feedback well are the ones that learn and grow quickly.


Others thrive working with us and we enable them do their best work. We work with an open mind, a worldly outlook, positive mindset and a can-do attitude to actively contribute to an environment where everyone feels at home.


We put our team’s goal first in everything we do.

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& arrive

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the scenes

Team dinner

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Home (@homeht_) am

First day lunch to celebrate @miawahs joining the team 🎉

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Home (@homeht_) am

Jungunternehmer Thilo Konzok: Lust auf mehr Freiheit - der Job als Mission?

Im Job muss man sich wie zuhause fühlen und was man macht, dürfe nur missionsgetrieben sein, sagt Thilo Konzok. Der 23jährige Startup-Gründer aus Berlin spricht über die Karrierevorstellungen einer jungen Generation, die viel individuellere Arbeitsformen einfordert als die Eltern es je gewagt hätten.