Better housing.

Book online.WiFi included.All-inclusive rent.Sleep-well guarantee.Unlimited contract.

The Home standard.

Sleep-well guarantee.

So that you don't compromise on your home.

Home Plus

Unlimited contract.

So that you can decide when to move out.

Home Plus


So that you don't have to queue up at the furniture store.

Coming Soon

24/7 support.

So that you don't have to take care of your burst pipe yourself.

Coming Soon

No deposit.

So that you can invest your money the way you want.

Coming Soon

Weekly cleaning.

So that your apartment stays comfortable.

Coming Soon

Viewing and renting with one click.

So that you dictate the pace.

Coming Soon

Digital lock.

So you'll never have to look for the keys again.

Babeth & Emanuele

Rent to Home and rent from Home.

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