It took Trevor nine months before he finally found a new apartment. We met Trevor in his apartment in Berlin Mitte and talked about his experience with Home and how stressful his apartment search was.

Trevor Balcony

Hi Trevor, who are you and where are you from?

I'm a Canadian from Toronto and moved to Berlin 5 years ago. I'm the director of customer success for a social media analytics company.

What was your experience with renting prior to moving into your Home apartment?

I moved out of my old apartment in June 2018 because I was unhappy with our landlord. And then it took me a full 9 months to find a new place! During that time I stayed with friends and left for France for two months. After that I went to 10 viewings per week, which was very exhausting. Often you don't even get emails back and there are 70 to 80 people showing up to viewings. On top of that you're paying for Immobilienscout every month and you have to get a new Schufa every two months. When I finally found Home I viewed the apartment on Tuesday and signed the contract on Friday.

What was your first impression when you got to Home's homepage?

First I thought it was fake. I thought "How can this actually exist and no knows about it?" I honestly think it's a game changer!

Trevor Kitchen
Trevor in seiner von Home eingebauten Küche

What was your experience with Home?

Home is just super simple. Keep in mind that you always hear these horror stories about scam. But as soon as I clicked into it I realized that this is legit. It's literally been a breeze since I got my first email from Berit and I wish that I found Home 9 months ago.

Now that you live in your Home apartment, what is different to your previous experiences?

My favourite thing is that if I have a problem, Berit is on it. Especially compared to my previous landlord: One time we didn't have heating for two months. In October! Also, it's really cool to be able to speak in English. I know what I can do in Canada, but often I don't know how things are working in Germany. There are a few things that an expat doesn't know, which isn't anyone's fault but it's why Home is so great.


What improvements would you like to see?

Parts of Home's website and a survey I filled out were not translated yet, so that would be the first thing. And then there are a few things that were part of the process and where I didn't really know what happened and my expectations were different. Berit explained it to me but it just would have been great to know a few things in advance.

Thank you for your time and the great feedback, Trevor!

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